welcome to NGS

Providing dentists and dental technicians an experience to enhance the knowledge of clinical, scientific and technical innovations in occlusion, esthetic and implant dentistry.

The NGS SpringMeeting 2015 is Friday May 8


Dr Goto Yoshi

Dr Neil Starr

Dr Cheriyln Sheets

Luke Khang

Dr James Hanoosh


Welcome to NGS

The interface of dentistry and dental technology.

NGS Mission:

The Missionofthe Northeastern Gnathological Society is to provide dentists and dental technicians with aco-educational experience thatenhancesthe knowledgeand understanding of currentclinical, scientificandtechnical innovations inocclusion, esthetics and implantsin prosthetic dentistry.The NGScontinuesto provide a forum that recognizes the importance of the collaborative relationship between dentists and dental technicians that is necessary to provide patients with the highest level of care.